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Bend addiction treatment 2022? Urgent care center medicine is not intended to replace a primary care physician. An urgent care clinic is an invaluable solution for urgent medical needs when a primary care provider is unavailable: on vacation vs booked schedule vs on maternity leave vs suffering from illness, etc. Urgent care can also fill in for those issues that occur outside of your doctor’s regular office hours like after 5pm or weekends and holidays.It can also be a faster more convenient way to seek medical care than waiting for hours upon hours in your local emergency room. See more information on Bend Suboxone doctor.

There are several advantages to visiting an urgent care clinic rather than a traditional doctor’s office or the emergency room. Here are some of the pros: Because urgent care clinics are typically open 7 days a week, often with extended hours, it’s easy to find one that fits your schedule. And since they don’t require appointments, you can usually just walk in. For instance, if you start feeling sick late at night or on the weekend, you can just go to an urgent care clinic rather than wait until your doctor’s office opens. However, be aware that some urgent care clinics may have shorter hours on weekends or holidays. Still, most will be open and available to see you when you need them.

Drug and Alcohol screening is performed at Mountain Medical by DOT certified technicians in a confidential setting. The ordering organization may request a urine, blood, or hair sample. Urine collections may be collected under two conditions: un-observed vs observed depending upon the circumstances and regulations. We always have a same-sex collector available for observed collections, blood samples are obtained in a clean environment by or qualified and experienced nurses, and hair is taken in the most conservative and careful manner possible.

On-Site Labs and X-Rays: Many urgent care clinics have on-site labs and X-rays so that patients can get the tests they need without having to go to a separate facility. This is especially convenient if you’re not feeling well and just want to get home as soon as possible. Even if an urgent care clinic doesn’t have a lab on-site, they can usually still order the tests you need and have them sent to a nearby facility. Can prescribe medication: If you need medication, the staff at an urgent care clinic can prescribe it for you. This is especially convenient if your regular doctor isn’t available and you can’t get to the pharmacy right away. Not only can urgent care clinics prescribe medication, but they can also provide you with any other treatments that you may need, such as stitches for a cut or splint for a broken bone. Find even more info on

According to the US government, in 2018, over 2 million people had an opioid use disorder (OUD). Opiates are found in prescribed pain killers and herion. Today, many heroin users began their habit using a prescription narcotic like Percocet, Norco, or MS Contin. When the availability of those prescriptions wain, individuals often turn to a cheaper alternative, heroin. MAT can be provided by Bend Suboxone Clinic, and is an evidenced based treatment shown to be clinically effective in academically conducted research studies. When prescribed properly, the combination of intensive physiological interventions with Suboxone has clearly shown to be superior to other modes of addiction treatment.