Hip replacement in India

A few things about the joint replacement surgery, to ease the anxiety of people thinking to do one. It doesn’t take long, only a few hours. In around 6 weeks you will be as new. The biggest problem is that people always try to delay it, but delaying a joint replacement surgery will only increase the risks, making the procedure more difficult.

Delaying the procedure will only make things worse, because the deformation of the hip/joint will increase, requiring more work to be fixed.

As time passes the movement will be hampered gradually, so delaying the procedure will be accompanied by a worse quality of life.

Another big problem delaying the procedure appears because of over compensation. Burdening the other parts of the body will damage them slowly, trying to compensate for a non funtional joint/hip.

And lastly, this type of procedure has 95%+ success rate. If you choose your clinic/doctor with attention to detail/recommendations you will practically have no risks in taking this procedure.

A joint replacement surgery is performed to replace the damaged or worn-out surfaces of a joint with artificial implants. There are a number of procedures available as being alternative to a TKR or THR surgery. Though hip replacement surgery is a standard treatment for patients, a hip resurfacing surgery is available as an alternative option. In a hip resurfacing surgery, the implants are of smaller size and less amount of bone is removed. Similarly, a tibial osteotomy is available as an alternative to knee replacement surgery. Though tibial osteotomy relieves pain due to arthritis of knee, it is not recommended for all patients. Depending on the severity of the ailment, the surgeon may also suggest non-surgical treatment options like arthroscopy, cartilage cell transplantation, osteodonics etc.

Get Hip replacement in India at an affordable cost. The number of people opting for an orthopaedic surgery is growing rapidly, whether it is USA, UK, Australia or any other nation. It is simply because the myths and stereotypes that only aged people need a hip or knee replacement have been laid to rest. Ailing patients are eager to go for a surgical operation and get themselves a new hip or a knee, which have proved to be more like healthy natural joints. Decide to get rid of that damaged hip, knee or spine now and change your life for the better, that you so justly deserve!

Patient: Dhara Singh says
I approached Dr Neelabh for a knee replacement of an existing failed prosthesis. After a detailed and careful study of my past medical history, Dr Neelabh took up the case. Dr Neelabh expertly performed the surgery using latest techniques. After gaining the early mobilisation, I left the hospital on the 9th day. Within 2-3 months after the surgery, I was able to walk without pain and restored normal health soon after.